About Fran.

Born in Manila, Philippines, Francisse Bondoc is the only child of two very supportive, and hardworking Filipino parents. “My mom had dreams of me working in the medical field, but quickly realized that wasn’t gonna happen due to my love for singing”.

Francisse, and her family moved to California when she was only 7 months. Her parents worked as salesman for a private kitchenware distributor. This job caused the family to have to constantly move around California. “Although we moved around alot, the one thing that stayed consistent in my life was music”. Francisse started sing at a very young age. Being the only child allowed her to have a lot of alone time while her parents were working., “I loved being home alone, because I got to be as expressive as I wanted. When my parents weren’t home I would sing, and yell to the top of my lungs!”

Francisse knew she wanted to be a star very young. “Music was always around” she states. Her parents would listen to artist such as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and The Bee Gees. Before she was born, her father was in a church band back in the Philippines, so her powerful singing ability was always welcome in their home.

Later relocating to Los Angeles, her parents wasted no time with this young superstar. Francisse career started around the age of 10 years old. Her parents would have her sing in public every moment she could. From birthday parties, to karaoke bars, Mr. and Mrs. Bondoc made sure the world heard that beautiful voice.“ There would be nights my parents, and I would be jamming out with other musicians till three in the morning, and I would have to be at school by 7am! It was the best”.

Word got around town about this young kid with such a big voice. From then on, Francisse would get booked to sing at local bars, and restaurants. These gigs got her lots of exposure, and introduced a new world of opportunities. She was opening shows for big named Filipino artist Lani Misalucha, and Sarah Geronimo. She was approached by Disney talent agents, and also auditioned, and made it on the first episode of America’s Got Talent season two at the age of 12 . At this time Francisse’s career was definitely on a fast raise. But, like ever young star, she grew up, and wanted to do things her way. She found herself getting lost in how others wanted her to sound. This caused her to struggle, and question what her sound actually was. Francisse began to get fed up with singing what everyone else wanted her to sing. Around junior high, Francisse began to take charge of her own destiny. She wanted the music she was singing to truly reflect who she was, and what she was going through at the time. In high school she began to write her own music. Heavily influenced by artist such as P!nk, and Celine Dion, Francisse found herself producing that pop sound. Her backing band describes her lyrics as “raw” and "unapologetic", with themes of self love, heartbreak, and courage.

After graduating from High school, Francisse moved to San Francisco for about three years to attend Academy of Art University to study music production. She hadn’t been performing for a while, and ended up falling in love with producing. Unfortunately not performing anymore caused her to lose touch with being an artist. Coming from such a young, and fast paced lifestyle of always being the artist, and gigging, the college life made her feel like she wasn’t doing enough toward her music career. Around her third year of college, Francisse tried out for an Academy Idol audition at her school. “I remember saying to myself as I performed, WOW! This feels fucking great!, I’m back!” Francisse continues to gig throughout Los Angeles, and develop herself as a creative.

“I needed to get lost, and figure out life a little bit. Now I truly know what is important to me, and that is performing. - Francisse